Le Dauphinz Preschool a perfect place with an environment that encourages active learning through methods that invoke and stimulate the child's potential, research shows that by an active participation of the child in various activities, we can ensure growth in the intellectual capabilities of the child. Effective teaching enables children to use all their senses and intelligences, and we at Le Dauphinz strive to make learning an enjoyable process.

Le Dauphinzis an International Standard preschool, with the motto "Fun to Learn ... !!!". The Management makes every effort to live up to this idea. We have multifarious activities that cater to the needs of children. At Le Dauphinz, every child gets his/her education through various educational methods based on the developmental needs of the child, the activities are full of FUN and LEARNING. Every child is given full freedom to explore the world around him. Teaching and Learning is not just restricted to classrooms, the child is exposed to diverse activities such as Arts and Craft, Sports, Sand Play, Water Play, Dancing & Role Play, Audio – Visual Shows, Library Time [ Toys & Books ], Field Trips and many more.

Le Dauphinz Preschool invites Franchise across South India. For further details Contact us at   98450 26704